Wellbeing for engagement is now a top priority for employers . Research carried out by global employee engagement company Reward Gateway, found that wellness, along with pay, company benefits and recognition are the top employee engagement priorities for the year ahead.

What the research says

UK employees have said that wellbeing and recognition are crucial to them. But that they don’t feel like their employers are meeting their expectations. A happy and healthy team means better engagement, clearer focus, more motivation, energy and drive. These are all key elements to moving a business forward.

Studies have also showed that a huge 7 in 10 employees have felt stressed or financial strain during the last five years. It has also been found through the research that a third of respondents said that their company doesn’t offer any wellness programmes.

This research is supporting a shift in the attitudes towards employee wellbeing by employers. New research and resources are helping employers better understand that employee wellbeing is important. This has a huge effect on the company as a whole, and the level of success it sees.

Steps for greater Employee Engagement

If you are an employer, consider carrying out some research within your company yourself. Create surveys and find out whether your team feel stressed, undervalued or over worked. Or perhaps they feel valued and happy in their work! Then, find out exactly what your team might benefit from. Allow them to make suggestions as to what might help if they are struggling at all.In addition, ask them what benefits might help with their general wellbeing.

Consider introducing benefits that will impact your employees wellbeing. There are many options: gym memberships, exercise classes or regular on-site massage. These small benefits go a long way to showing that you are investing in your teams wellbeing. They also show that you want to give something back for all the hard work that your staff do. Introducing these kind of benefits will help tackle much of the above. It shows recognition for their hard work, helping to reduce stress levels and boost employee engagement.

If wellbeing benefits aren’t something you currently offer, consider introducing them. Research has shown that this is one of the main things that employees feel they would benefit from. Aiding in working towards better mental and physical health in the long term, and a better relationship between the company and its staff.

This year if you focus on one thing make it employee wellbeing. With the introduction of wellbeing benefits you will quickly start to see a positive impact. Over time you will see how focusing on employee wellbeing can benefit your business.

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