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Welcome to our mental health awareness wellbeing workshop series. Delivered by our wellbeing experts either virtually or in person, these workshops can be standalone, or even more impactful as a series or bespoke programme. For further information on delivery, workshop lengths and prices, contact us for a brochure.
Mental Health Training for Leaders, Managers & HR
By fostering a healthy workplace environment and making a commitment to improving mental
health at work, business leaders and managers can make a real difference to employee wellbeing, whilst enhancing business performance. This session will help leaders and managers to recognise the signs of mental health in a more hybrid working environment as well as provide them with the tips and tools available to support themselves and their employees.
mental health awareness
Introduction to Mental Health Awareness for Employees
In this workshop we explore what mental health is and what the risk and protective factors are that can influence it. We talk specifically about anxiety and depression covering both the effects and the warning signs. We briefly cover stress and include exercises and top tips to support your positive mental health.
Stress and resilience
Positive Mental Health at Work – Stress and Resilience
In the second of our mental health series, we discuss the mental health continuum and consider current risk factors related to the pandemic in more depth. The main focus is learning about stress and it's impact, and how you can build a resilient mindset. We explore both helpful and unhelpful coping strategies and we'll give you tools to help combat stress and build resilience.
The depression woman think something at home
Positive Mental Health at Work – Understanding Mental Illness
In this workshop we look more closely at mental health illnesses: Anxiety disorders (generalised anxiety, panic, phobias, OCD), self harm, eating disorders, personality disorders and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar. We'll highlight stigma, discrimination mental health language and the recovery process. You'll also gain an understanding of types of mental health crisis and how to support people when they are in crisis.
virtual wellbeing testimonial
Barnsley College
“We had a remote wellbeing day to help staff de-stress. The whole process was seamless from start to finish. On Site Wellbeing Co were very professional, polite and easy to work with. We had very positive feedback from all the staff, especially regarding how the sessions were conducted and how knowledgeable the person presenting was. I would absolutely recommend On Site Wellbeing Co, without question.”
Olam International
“On Site Wellbeing Co provide a good range of live webinars to help with employee wellbeing and productivity. They are very professional and open to customising the content in response to our needs. They are consistently on top of things and the instructors are all very experienced and engaging. We’ve had great feedback from our internal audience, and a lot of them are requesting these webinars to be a regular feature. “
exeter college tw
Exeter College

“We wanted to offer staff here at Exeter College a remote session giving advice about nutrition and its impact on wellbeing. We had a positive experience working with On Site Wellbeing Co who were easy to work with. We would definitely recommend them to other employers.”

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