Keeping fit and healthy while working in an office environment can often seem impossible. But a few simple changes to your working day can help you feel more energised, efficient and great! That is why we would like to introduce you to our Workplace Challenge.

A great incentive for all office workers to keep their mind and body active and healthy, this point-based game will motivate and inspire everyone at work. Once an employee has amassed a total of 100 (or more) points, they could be treated to a workplace massage. This reward is sure to add a competitive nature to the game, helping employees and employers to be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Pre-work challenges

  1. Aim to get eight hours of sleep a night. A rested brain and body makes for a more productive work day.
  2. Get to work on a full stomach by having a hearty, healthy breakfast. This will prevent an afternoon sugar crash and give your body the fuel it needs to get through to lunchtime.

These two challenges are worth one point. Gain an extra point for taking public transport or carpooling to work. If you walk or cycle you earn two points!

At-Work Challenges

  1. Instead of lounging around with your colleagues on your lunchbreak, get them to come with you for a walk, or even a run! This would definitely be worth two points.
  2. Take the stairs instead of using the lift (if you have one).
  3. Choose water over caffeinated drinks.
  4. If you have a staff canteen, look for healthy options with whole foods, fruit and vegetables. Swerve the chips and fried foods, and avoid the dessert tray!
  5. If you, or any of your colleagues are hoping to lose a few pounds, use the Workplace Challenge to help. Pair up with a work friend, and receive a point for every inch/pound you lose. It doesn’t have to be a competitive exercise, but the extra support will keep you both motivated (as will the promise of a relaxing massage!)!

Reward yourself with a point each time you achieve any of the above!

Healthy Mind Challenges

Many of the challenges that have been suggested so far have focused on improving diet and exercise, but the brain needs looking after too.

  1. Take ten minutes a day for some quiet meditation – get a one point prize.
  2. Book a few mindfulness or stress management workshops for the workplace and award yourself two points for every attendance. Workplace yoga and Pilates are also great ways to refresh and refuel the mind.

With the Workplace Challenge, there are no more excuses as to why you cannot live a healthy lifestyle. We all have a choice, and this simple, but creative idea will help you to feel happier, healthier and more productive both at work and at home.

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