Anyone who has been on a plane has heard, that in an emergency you need to put on your oxygen mask first. You simply can’t help anyone else if you have passed out. Taking care of your health and optimal wellbeing needs to be a priority; as this impacts everything else in your life. If you’re not on top form, it can be hard to enjoy your relationships or leisure time or work. Health and wellbeing really must come first to thrive in all areas of our life.

These days we find it hard to switch off, to relax not collapse. With busy lifestyles, technology, children and other things distracting us it’s hard to know how to take the best care of ourselves or how to find the time. At times we may feel like we’ve lost our direction or that we are not performing at our best. In these times, we need a meaningful and sustainable plan to get back on track mentally, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. Not necessarily with enormous goals, but ones we feel excited to put into action.

For physical wellbeing, it could be as simple as switching off the internet and phone ninety minutes before bed to increase relaxation and promote better sleep. To help your mental wellbeing, you could try changing one negative recurring thought and replacing it with a more positive one. For spiritual wellbeing, it could be setting a goal around developing connections with other people to improve your most important relationships. We all want to live our lives being our best self but in order to do that, there are certain steps we need to take.

So, how do we go about forming this plan of action and taking these steps? One recommendation is to consider life coaching.  A life coach is a professional who helps you to set and achieve goals. Or they can help you make positive change in your life in order to reach your full potential. Life coaching can assist with any area of your life from personal or professional goals to relationships.

Optimal Wellbeing Workshop

Here at On Site Wellbeing Co we’re really excited to be attending the Optimal Wellbeing Workshop run by Susan Lynch. Susan is a highly skilled coach and trainer. She has over 14 years’ experience of developing and empowering people to reach their full potential. She’s passionate about facilitating positive change in people. In this coaching workshop she’s offering participants a holistic view of all areas of personal health and wellbeing, helping to make sustainable changes to their lives. Susan says that it takes anywhere between 21 days to 3 months to embed a new behaviour. We’re particularly looking forward to some 1-2-1 coaching following the workshop to practice, develop and embed these new good habits.

If you’d like to join Susan’s workshop, it’s running on 25th January 2018 in South West London. See her Eventbrite page for more details and to book.

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