Our wellbeing workshops, classes and wellness activities are delivered by our team of wellbeing experts either virtually, or in person. For further information on delivery, workshop lengths and prices, contact us for a brochure.
Introduction to Wellbeing (5 Ways to Wellbeing)
This great introductory session explores what wellbeing really means, why it's important and how that applies to you. We focus on the 5 ways to Wellbeing: Connect, Be active, Give, Take notice, Keep learning, and through various exercises, help you to devise an action plan to support you and your own personal wellbeing.
sleep workshops
Sleep Matters Wellbeing workshop
Getting enough sleep is essential for good health but is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. These highly entertaining and educational workshops are a fascinating mix of science and practical advice that give employees the knowledge and support they need to get a better nights sleep.
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Menopause Awareness
A really informative workshop, not just for menopausal women but for everyone in the workplace. By increasing everyone’s understanding of the menopause we can make a once taboo subject an everyday conversation and the workplace to become a more supportive environment. We cover menopause facts and myths along with physical and psychological menopausal symptoms and how they can have an impact on work. Easy to understand with practical advice for people to help themselves or parents, partners and colleagues.
Intentional breathing
Intentional Breathing for Stress Relief
Breathing exercises are frequently practised as part of yoga and mindfulness programmes and well recognised for the stress relieving benefits they bring. By practising intentional breathing, you can learn how to relieve stress in the moment and retrain your nervous system for resilience over the long term.
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Connecting with Nature for Wellbeing
The healing and therapeutic power of nature is well researched and experienced by many people in many different ways, across the world. Nature is within us and we are part of nature.
Recognising our inter-connectedness helps us to appreciate nature all the more, giving rise to a deep sense of wellbeing. This workshop explores several different ways of connecting with nature in a mindful way in order to truly appreciate the experience.
wellbeing working from home
Stay healthy and connected whilst working remotely
With home working being deployed for most office workers, we help employees learn to adapt and stay healthy and productive in this new environment. We'll cover the practical elements of creating a routine, avoiding distractions and defining your space along with how best to fuel yourself, assess your workstation and keep your body in check.
virtual wellbeing testimonial
Barnsley College
“We had a remote wellbeing day to help staff de-stress. The whole process was seamless from start to finish. On Site Wellbeing Co were very professional, polite and easy to work with. We had very positive feedback from all the staff, especially regarding how the sessions were conducted and how knowledgeable the person presenting was. I would absolutely recommend On Site Wellbeing Co, without question.”
Olam International
“On Site Wellbeing Co provide a good range of live webinars to help with employee wellbeing and productivity. They are very professional and open to customising the content in response to our needs. They are consistently on top of things and the instructors are all very experienced and engaging. We’ve had great feedback from our internal audience, and a lot of them are requesting these webinars to be a regular feature. “
exeter college tw
Exeter College

“We wanted to offer staff here at Exeter College a remote session giving advice about nutrition and its impact on wellbeing. We had a positive experience working with On Site Wellbeing Co who were easy to work with. We would definitely recommend them to other employers.”

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