The growing evidence of climate change brings with it a desire to take action, but it can seem difficult or overwhelming knowing where to start. This can lead some to a sense of anxiety associated with the future of our planet. But, with a little inspiration, everyone can unleash their power to act and make an impact.

By taking your team through actions they can incorporate in their day to day lives, they’ll be equipped to take steps to address climate change, whilst feeling a renewed sense of positivity, energy and social connectedness.

The Workshop

This workshop puts our individual and collective power to act on climate change into context. Increasing the knowledge, skills and confidence of your team will enable them to incorporate positive environmental action on a daily basis.

What you’ll learn

At its core, climate action comes down to doing MORE of some things and LESS of others. This workshop will inspire you with relevant actions you can do more or less of, enabling you to make an impact now.

You’ll cover:

  • The power of the individual
  • How to self-audit
  • Collaboration and cooperation
  • Getting more or less active
  • The short and the long term
  • Actionable next steps
Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who is concerned about the future of our planet, and who wants to learn more about how they can take realistic steps to positively impact the environment.

Workshop length

90 minutes

Workshop size

Up to 30 people


On site or via Webinar

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