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Welcome to our wellbeing workshop series for mental health, mindfulness, nutrition and financial wellbeing. Delivered by our team of wellbeing experts either virtually or in person, these workshops can be standalone, or even more impactful as a series. For further information on delivery, workshop lengths and prices, contact us for a brochure.
Mental Health Training for Leaders, Managers & HR
By fostering a healthy workplace environment and making a commitment to improving mental
health at work, business leaders and managers can make a real difference to employee wellbeing, whilst enhancing business performance. This session will help leaders and managers to recognise the signs of mental health in a more hybrid working environment as well as provide them with the tips and tools available to support themselves and their employees.
mental health awareness
Introduction to Mental Health Awareness for Employees
In this workshop we explore what mental health is and what the risk and protective factors are that can influence it. We talk specifically about anxiety and depression covering both the effects and the warning signs. We briefly cover stress and include exercises and top tips to support your positive mental health.
Stress and resilience
Positive Mental Health at Work – Stress and Resilience
In the second of our mental health series, we discuss the mental health continuum and consider current risk factors related to the pandemic in more depth. The main focus is learning about stress and it's impact, and how you can build a resilient mindset. We explore both helpful and unhelpful coping strategies and we'll give you tools to help combat stress and build resilience.
The depression woman think something at home
Positive Mental Health at Work – Understanding Mental Illness
In this workshop we look more closely at mental health illnesses: Anxiety disorders (generalised anxiety, panic, phobias, OCD), self harm, eating disorders, personality disorders and psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar. We'll highlight stigma, discrimination mental health language and the recovery process. You'll also gain an understanding of types of mental health crisis and how to support people when they are in crisis.


Introduction to Mindfulness
This introduction to mindfulness workshop seeks to fully explain what mindfulness is and how we can benefit from its practice. We explore its history, the science behind it and its relevance to a business setting before teaching practical techniques and applications of how mindfulness in the workplace can work for you.
Mindfulness for Resilience
Mindfulness for Resilience in Challenging Times
In challenging times, it's human nature to become lost in troubling thoughts and difficult emotions. It is easy for anxiety, fear, loneliness and mistrust to overtake us, especially if we are feeling isolated or vulnerable. In this workshop, participants learn how to build resilience and gain a sense of peace and stability in the midst of turbulence, through mindfulness meditation.
Managing Stress
Managing Stress in Uncertain Times
Most people experience stress at some point in their lives, and we may now, more than ever, feel higher levels of emotional pressure. Here, we discuss what stress is, how it can impact us and the specific challenges we may face currently around the pandemic. Become proactive when managing stress and get back a feeling of control.
Mindful Communication
Mindful Communication
Good communication and cooperation between colleagues is essential for a harmonious work environment. With the current challenges of remote working, it may become more difficult to communicate effectively and control unhelpful emotional responses. In this workshop, you'll learn mindfulness skills and techniques that not only help you improve communication, but can also prevent and resolve conflict with others.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

nutrition for wellbeing
Nutrition for Wellbeing
This inspirational workshop focuses on how the food choices we make can impact our health and wellbeing. Choosing a well-balanced diet can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions with the added bonus of improving energy levels, boosting the immune system, lowering stress levels and controlling weight.
Desl yoga
Nutrition and Wellbeing to Support your Immune System
Building a strong immune system is really important for many of us right now. By keeping your immune system and body healthy, you can give it the best chance of fighting an infection. This workshop focuses on how a balanced diet, regular exercise and sleep can all help. We'll giving specific examples of foods that can boost immune function and ideas of how to incorporate them into your diet to make a real difference.
Food rich in omega 3 fatty acid and healthy fats. Healthy diet eating concept. top view
Managing Stress through Nutrition and Lifestyle
How we deal with stress is a choice. During times of stress we often turn to stimulants such as sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to "manage" stress. Instead, learn to take back control of stress by adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes eating food that help fight stress, types of exercise that help lower our stress hormones, how sleeping adequately and mindful exercises affect our reactions during stressful situations.
Balancing blood sugar
Balancing Blood Sugar
Eat you way to clearer thoughts. Ever wonder why certain days you are on fire, whilst others you seem to get through in a haze? In this workshop learn about the foods that significantly boost your focus, concentration and performance. Learn how to put quick and easy meals together that balance blood sugar levels leading to better memory, focus and mood.

Financial Wellbeing

Introduction to Financial Wellbeing
Introduction to Financial Wellbeing
This interactive workshop promotes financial wellbeing by looking at different ways to help increase financial happiness. Participants have the opportunity to explore a wide array of
finance topics including understanding attitudes to money, budgeting, dealing with debt and choosing financial products. The workshop provides tools enabling individuals to make better informed financial decisions.
Financial Wellbeing Express
Financial Wellbeing Express
This highly practical workshop provides participants with top tips to make quick and easy improvements to their financial health. Grab a cuppa and let us share our top 10 financial tips that can boost financial wellbeing today. With our expert personal finance knowledge, we’ll share our trade secrets so colleagues can take away really practical ways to boost their wellbeing immediately.
employee financial wellbeing
Financial Wellbeing in Challenging Times
Receiving a financial shock can have long term effects on financial wellbeing and mental health so being able to manage this situation is vitally important. This workshop provides participants with the information they need to take control of their situation immediately including details on available sources of emotional and financial support.
virtual wellbeing testimonial
Barnsley College
“We had a remote wellbeing day to help staff de-stress. The whole process was seamless from start to finish. On Site Wellbeing Co were very professional, polite and easy to work with. We had very positive feedback from all the staff, especially regarding how the sessions were conducted and how knowledgeable the person presenting was. I would absolutely recommend On Site Wellbeing Co, without question.”
Olam International
“On Site Wellbeing Co provide a good range of live webinars to help with employee wellbeing and productivity. They are very professional and open to customising the content in response to our needs. They are consistently on top of things and the instructors are all very experienced and engaging. We’ve had great feedback from our internal audience, and a lot of them are requesting these webinars to be a regular feature. “
exeter college tw
Exeter College

“We wanted to offer staff here at Exeter College a remote session giving advice about nutrition and its impact on wellbeing. We had a positive experience working with On Site Wellbeing Co who were easy to work with. We would definitely recommend them to other employers.”

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