Physical Wellbeing  and Fitness, Onsite and Online

Our wellbeing workshops, classes and wellness activities are delivered by our team of wellbeing experts either virtually, or in person. For further information on delivery, workshop lengths and prices, contact us for a brochure.
Female business executive performing yoga in office
Desk Yoga
In our desk yoga sessions we teach yoga stretches and core strengthening techniques that can be done whilst sitting at your desk. Doing daily stretches, aligned with deep breathing will ease tension, fatigue and stress.
Posture Workshops
Posture Workshops
This highly interactive workshop explains how better posture can reduce pain, prevent injury & improve performance. We will run through gentle exercises that show you how activating certain muscles can improve your posture, beneficial to anybody who sits down too much.
sitting posture
Ergonomic Workstation Setup
As many of us are now unexpectedly working from home, how do we know if our workstations are set up correctly? This interactive workshop provides a practical checklist of the most important aspects of workstation set up. A group demonstration and Q&A session on your desk, monitor and chair position will help avoid ergonomic problems occurring during this time.
60 minutes
Happy young woman doing arm self massage at home. Healthy life.
Self Massage Techniques
Self care is ultra important right now. These self massage tutorials will show you how to massage your hands, arms, shoulders, back and even feet to nurture yourself and ease muscle tension.
Indoor shot of handsome young man practicing yoga. Fitness man meditating with his eyes closed while doing cobra pose in living room.
Improve your strength, flexibility and general wellbeing with yoga. Breathing techniques, exercise and meditation are all included in these classes to help to improve health and happiness.
virtual pilates
Pilates is a complete body workout that promotes good posture and body alignment. By focusing on the postural muscles of the abdomen, back, pelvis and shoulders our pilates classes help develop core stability, build strength and prevent injury.
body conditioning
High-energy fitness class combining athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. A Les Mills™ instructor pumps out energizing tunes leading you through the workout.
body conditioning
Body Conditioning
A whole body workout that can improve your overall fitness. Focusing on strength, muscular endurance and fitness conditioning, these classes involve a high energy, high impact workout with a combination of aerobics and toning.
Body conditioning
HIIT high-intensity interval training
All-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.
Legs bums and tums
Legs, bums and tums
Shape up and burn fat as you lunge, step and squat your way to fitness in this ever-popular, fun class using both weights and your own body weight. The high repetition routines will trim down those areas we love to hate!
Zumba fitness classes are a fun, high energy, workout using Latin inspired dance moves and music. The moves are easy to learn and Zumba is great for the body and mind, boosting energy and reducing stress everytime!
Combat is a cardio class inspired by martial arts where you can punch, kick and strike your way through a total body workout to motivating music. Expect to burn heaps of calories and feel great whilst you’re doing it!
virtual wellbeing testimonial
Barnsley College
“We had a remote wellbeing day to help staff de-stress. The whole process was seamless from start to finish. On Site Wellbeing Co were very professional, polite and easy to work with. We had very positive feedback from all the staff, especially regarding how the sessions were conducted and how knowledgeable the person presenting was. I would absolutely recommend On Site Wellbeing Co, without question.”
Olam International
“On Site Wellbeing Co provide a good range of live webinars to help with employee wellbeing and productivity. They are very professional and open to customising the content in response to our needs. They are consistently on top of things and the instructors are all very experienced and engaging. We’ve had great feedback from our internal audience, and a lot of them are requesting these webinars to be a regular feature. “
exeter college tw
Exeter College

“We wanted to offer staff here at Exeter College a remote session giving advice about nutrition and its impact on wellbeing. We had a positive experience working with On Site Wellbeing Co who were easy to work with. We would definitely recommend them to other employers.”

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