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In the midst of festival and holiday season, we are turning our attention to summer skincare. During the summer months – particularly when you’re spending more time outdoors – the skin needs a little extra TLC. It’s important to protect the skin and care for it ensuring it stays moisturised and nourished all year round. Particularly in the summer when it needs it most.

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Summer Protection

Our skin needs protection from the sun all year round. It is recommended that we even wear an SPF during winter and on cloudy days. An SPF is particularly important in the summer. It’s important to wear a high factor SPF during the summer months, and reapply when you are spending time outside in direct sunlight. Opt for an SPF of factor 15 and above and apply all over.

During the summer, your face is often most exposed to the sun. A great way to ensure the skin on your face is protected is to wear a foundation or moisturiser containing SPF. As a result, you don’t have to spend time in the morning applying multiple products.

Hydration for Summer Skincare

Hydration is key to keeping your skin healthy all year round. During the summer your skin needs that little extra boost to help it retain normal moisture levels. You might find you’re more prone to spots and blemishes during the summer. If so, it could be because your skin is dry and in need of moisture.

To ensure your skin is hydrated and healthy during the summer it is important to ensure you are drinking enough water. This is anything from 2 litres a day, even more when it is hot. In addition try applying a rich night cream that is designed to provide hydration to the skin before bed, and a lighter hydrating day cream in the morning.

Once a week treat your skin to a nourishing and hydrating mask. This will help to give it that extra boost it needs during the warm weather.


During the summer you might find that your pores get more congested due to an increase in perspiration. In the heat we sweat more to keep our bodies cooler. So, we need to pay a little extra attention to our cleansing routine to help the skin’s natural replenishment process. Every week the outer layer of the skin replaces itself, to reveal tighter and brighter looking skin, but this process is made more difficult when the skin is congested and the pores blocked.

Ensure your skin doesn’t become congested this summer by following a simple cleansing routine:

  1. If you wear make-up start by removing it with a water based cleanser. For those who don’t wear make-up this step is important too, to remove any dirt and oil built up on the skin during the day.
  2. Use a facial wash to get deep into the pores to remove any excess make-up, dirt and oil that the first cleanse did not remove. Carry out steps one and two morning and night.
  3. To help with the removal of dead skin cells and to stop the pores becoming blocked, twice a week use a facial exfoliator, or use a gentle one daily.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your skin is healthy, protected and glowing this summer.

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